Educational Trail

The historical educational trail leads through authentic sites of the concentration camp and the Bisingen oil shale works. During an international work camp in the summer of 1997, young people from different countries uncovered the remains of the production facilities in the Kuhloch and built a wooden walkway on the former camp site in Schelmengasse to symbolize the way to the roll call area (Appellplatz).


The stations of the educational trail include:

The train station (arrival of the prisoners)

The former camp site on Schelmengasse

Coal pile field, oil tank, blower station, and demolition edge of the former oil shale mining site in "Kuhloch"

Concentration camp cemetery

Site of the former mass graves in Ludenstall


The history trail is freely accessible at all times. The tour can start at any station. Information on the respective locations is provided on text and image boards placed along the route.