Audio-walk in Ried

In order to help visualize what happened in Engstlatter Ried in 1944/45 as part of Operation “Desert," a total of 7 audio stations were set up. To find them more easily, we offer you an overview map here (please click on the image to enlarge).


The audio listening stations are part of the local ERDKUNDE/Souvenirs memorial project. The Nazi rule did not take place somewhere far away; it was right here, in Engstlatt.


The transportation trains bringing prisoners to the camps of the company 'Desert' traveled through Europe for days and, sometimes, weeks. For the victims, Ried became an area of humiliation and injury, and for many it was where their lives had ended. Due to the agricultural use of the site, findings from this period continue being discovered even after more than 80 years. Souvenirs, then, embody an invitation. An invitation to remember, and find out how this can be used to gain new insights into the exploitation, destruction, and the Nazi regime of terror?


To get an impression of what the audio-stations offer, we provide the link to the first audio-station here. To hear more, you have to go on the audio-walk to Engstlatter Ried.


Station 1: "Come with me..."


Here you will find the folding map of the audio walk route to print out and bring along