Further Websites

Memorials in Baden-Württemberg

The State Center for Civic Education promotes the work of all memorial sites in Baden-Württemberg with its Memorial Site Workdepartment. Here you get an overview of the variety of memorial sites in the state as well as the publications from the memorial site area.


Gedenkstättenverbund Gäu Neckar Alb

The memorial sites in our region are connected through the Gäu Neckar Alb memorial network. You will find information on all memorials that are members of the network, as well as on joint events and projects.


VGKN - Verbund der Gedenkstätten im ehemaligen KZ-Komplex Natzweiler e.V.

The Association of Memorials in the Former Natzweiler Concentration Camp Complex (VGKN) comprises thirteen memorials at satellite camps of the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp in Alsace. Together with partners at French memorials such as the memorial at the former Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp and the Center Européen du Résistant Déporté (CERD), the association strives for cross-border cooperation in historical and political education, in the consolidation of research results and in contemporary media public relations .

Against Forgetting — for Democracy e.V.

Our association tries to combine historical remembrance work with a commitment to democracy. From our point of view, this is a fundamentally important work.

Friends of Yad Vashem

Our association is a member of the Friends of Yad Vashem, which supports the work of the Yad Vashem memorial foundation in Israel financially and idealistically.

Educational server of Baden-Württemberg: Teaching modules, among other things, on persecution under National Socialism

The county’s educational server offers suggestions and materials not only for Bisingen, but also for many other learning locations in Baden-Württemberg.